We’ve completed Mom’s move to Neil’s and my house in North Carolina and she’s settled in wonderfully. She wanted to come see her old house before we closed so as I write we are in a hotel in Arvada.

We’ve texted, but I want to write to thank you and your team for the gift of Mom and Dad’s ability to live in their home until the end (for Dad) and until the move to our house (for Mom). It was so important to Dad that he stay at home yet there was no way Mom could have cared for him and for herself without your team’s help. It’s quite a responsibility to take care of Dad / Mom plus run the house. Even with my being out of state I was confident that my loved ones were always loved and well cared for. We could not put a price on the peace of mind that brought me, and I want to thank you and our caregivers again for that. I still can’t believe our good fortune that Neil and I found you when we went looking for care.

I appreciate so much that you, personally, kept me informed and talked me through many challenges and changing needs. I needed the advice and your vast experience provided a wealth of information.

I so appreciate your attitude and action that any caregiver that wasn’t a fit could be changed. We tried not to be too picky. I suspect your policy may not be so firmly in place at other companies, and once again am so glad we found you.

Your model of helping, lately, my Mom, live her life happily and to the fullest moment by moment is a model that I now consider my gold standard when finding help in North Carolina. Know that your company meets and exceeds our highest expectations. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Sue S. – Arvada, Colorado


I am writing this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Toni Maldonado who, over the past year, coordinated the in-home care for my mother, Marilyn Kolar. In the early winter of 2015, Marilyn’s ability to care for herself was deteriorating and, living over 6 hours away, I felt it was necessary to find someone closer who could help manage the home front. I located Toni’s company in the Denver senior’s Bluebook and initially contracted part-time services for home visitations which included minor housekeeping and meal preparation.

In late May, Marilyn was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she required round-the-clock home care in conjunction with Hospice visitations. Toni was able to schedule a cadre of wonderful people who took care of her on a 24 hour basis. Every time I spoke to my mom, or personally visited, she took the time to praise Toni’s staff and the manner in which they cared for her. Any issue that she had was immediately addressed through Toni’s office.

In mid-December the refrigerator failed. Toni called me on the Saturday morning that this came to the attention of her staff and volunteered to purchase a replacement. After phone consultation and Internet searches, she and her husband personally responded to an appliance store and bought a new refrigerator for the home. A few weeks later, Toni’s husband hauled the old refrigerator away. This was one example of Toni’s personalized service that was exhibited during the time that she and her staff cared for my mother.

In closing, I was very pleased with the services provided by Toni’s home health care business. I felt that my mother was receiving the best of care from her staff and Toni was always responsive to my requests and inquiries. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering home health care services for their family or friends.
– James K Family  – Denver, Colorado


“Toni, please accept our sincere thanks for your truly outstanding care of our Mother. Mom threw challenge after challenge our way, from our perspective, you remained unphased. Your scrambling skills are extraordinary and saved the family many times. We understand that you have numerous clients, all with unique needs, yet you always made us feel that you could attend to our Mother immediately. We are truly impressed. You gave us, and Mom, the gift of remaining at home. We are, and will always remain very, very grateful. Our family is wishing you a wonderful future as you help other individuals and families through the most difficult of times. We hope there will always be an angel watching over you.”
– The Ron and Carol M. Family – Cherry Hills Village, Colorado


“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, Toni, and your staff for the kind, compassionate care you exhibited to my dear friend Lillian Riblet. After Ms. Riblet’s debilitating stroke in April of 2013, I had to place her in a nursing home. Although reputed to be one of the best and most expensive long-term care facilities, I did not feel that she was getting adequate care. Additionally she was miserable and wanted to go home … Without you and the team you assembled, it would not have been possible. I was pleasantly surprised how affordable it was to get professional 24 hour a day personal care when compared to the nursing home. However, far more important was the outstanding quality of care she received. She also developed personal bonds with her caregivers that made her feel loved in her final days. I heartedly endorse and would be willing to recommend your services to any who find themselves facing this difficult stage of life.”
– Thomas D. Vann, Registered Investment Advisor, Vann Investments, LLC – Parker, Colorado


“My mother, age 85 with dementia, has had the privilege of continuing to live in her own home over the last 2 years thanks to the extraordinary care by Toni Maldonado … Although my brother lives with my mother, he has work and family obligations that prohibit him from many care taking duties … Toni and the care providers have been extremely patient with my demanding and sometimes irritable mother, and been flexible in providing last minute and additional services when needed. As well they have suggestions of additional care ideas to improve her health and well-being which they have shared with me. I strongly recommend Toni …”
– Janet Leigh, M.D. – Physician – Portland, Oregon


“My husband was placed in an Alzheimer’s facility for rehabilitation for hip surgery and Alzheimer’s care … He was supposed to be non-weight bearing on his hip for several weeks, but was not cooperative due to his dementia … The caregiver was well-qualified, dependable, and appropriately communicative. She was not only a caregiver, but also a companion to my husband. The Executive Director and Care Managers continued to take an active and sincere interest in monitoring John’s progress as his needs changed and assist with options along the way. I would highly recommend ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ for anyone’s caregiving needs.”
– Karen B. – Parker, Colorado


“… I have been amazed by the professionalism of your whole team and the flexibility and responsiveness you have shown in working with our specific situation and frequently changing needs. You have been there for us – even on short notice and weekends!!! Your staff spent extra time making sure the caregivers were oriented to dad’s needs and they seemed well supported and supervised by your care managers. We have had wonderful, attentive caregivers that have really connected with my father. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone wanting in-home caregiving. As a registered nurse, I know quality care when I see it! A huge burden came off my shoulders when you came in to help us with dad. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!”
– Leslie Gail, RN – Littleton, Colorado


“Toni and Team, I want to thank you for the fabulous job you and your staff have done taking care of my elderly father for several months in 2013 and my mother since then.  You have been exceptional in terms of availability, competence, and effectiveness in providing care to my parents and peace of mind for me.   Having treated geriatric patients for over 20 years in my practice, I am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and expertise in providing services to this population and the compassion and responsiveness of your staff.  Thanks again for everything!”
– Dr. Marilyn Duman, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Geriatrics


“After suffering a fall … then hospitalization and rehabilitation, our uncle was faced with needing around-the-clock care. He has a beautiful home that he cherishes and was adamant about not going to an assisted living facility. We … were able to engage them immediately to provide around-the-clock care our uncle needed. We have been very impressed with the care he has received and have absolute trust in the decisions of the professionals managing his care … Our uncle is healing well and consistently progressing. We feel that ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ has enriched his life and has been an ideal match for him.”
– Debra C. and Janine L. – Denver, Colorado


“Toni Maldonado and the caregivers at ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ were real life savers for me, in an incredible time of crisis in my life. My father took a very sudden, dramatic decline in his physical and mental health and I was in desperate need of in home care assistance, but more importantly, advice and guidance. Toni provided support and wise counsel, for which I am grateful beyond words! I cannot fathom how I would have survived the crisis without her knowledge of not only my pending needs, but my father’s. It was her hospital recommendation which resulted in my father receiving a corrected diagnosis and the resulting correct medications. This action saved his life, literally.

Toni and her staff are not just service providers … they are truly caring people. This emanates from the top down, from Toni’s leadership. Toni set the standard for all caregivers. She went way beyond my expectations. She was available in the utmost sense of the word, putting in many, many hours, even giving my family and I a piece of her heart. In a very real way, she feels like an extended part of my family. Please call Toni with your home care needs. She will do her BEST to help you find what services, or combination of services, are right for your family member … and you!”
– Susan Coveyduck – Golden, Colorado


“When our mom needed 24/7 care at home, you were so responsive to our needs. Your professionalism, knowledge of what needed to be done, and availability really exceeded anything I could have expected. The caregivers themselves have all been top-notch – their compassion and patience have been wonderful to experience. Mom isn’t always easy to deal with, but the caregivers always knew how to help her and make her comfortable. Thank you for being there in so many ways for us. You have all made something that is difficult for our family much easier to manage. I wish you all the biggest success at ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’. You are the best!”
– Kari Grant – Centennial, Colorado


“My mom had a horrible life changing event … which forever will affect her and her family; she experienced a hemorrhagic stroke. No warning signs, no risk factors. Her speech, her body and her spirits have all been deeply wounded. My faith in God and my love and respect for my mom has always been present, but grew exponentially stronger from the moment I found her that Sunday.
Since the stroke, I have been my mom’s voice, her energy, and handled everything from love and support to financial and medical decisions, and being the best I can be, for her best recovery. Consequently I have a lot invested in her happiness, health + well being and sense of normalcy. She matters very much in my life but also very much in the lives of so many people she has befriended and supported over the years. Her life is very important clearly. She has received and continues to receive dozens and dozens of letters and cards supporting her recovery. It is a very slow but positive journey.

We made the realization that living at home was a real possibility only about a month and a half before her discharge date in June. No one guided me to think of this option, it happened because I thought and asked and learned about the choices. Thank God we chose this route because at first it seemed “aggressive” to do so, but now in hindsight it is a definite “no-brainer”; she is happy, healthy and is thriving — especially with the care giving company we hired, ‘DignityFirst Health at Home.’ Let me tell you why and how.

‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ is a company dedicated to creating an environment which enables people to get their life back. Not only is there “no place like home”, there is no place like ‘Dignity First Health at Home’; the team approach they use is unique and very effective: first, ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ uses a holistic team of highly caring professionals, who each took the time to meet with mom and me (their nurse care manager, their social work care manager, as well as the agency owner and executive director), which was not only delightful, respectful and supportive but useful and practical.

We got matched with a superb caregiver, who had not only been properly and thoroughly background-checked, but also was easy to work with mom, given the personality matching interview techniques that ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ uses; a very solid method.
Our caregiver attends to my mom on a second’s notice whenever needed. She is respectful of needed down time, and needed ‘up time’. She is a fabulous cook. She is a caring and engaged person, who encourages mom to do her rehab homework. She is a friend and a girlfriend to mom. She cares and listens.

In the end, I would choose to be the caregiver mom needs if I could, but I can’t due to my job and my need to work. ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ is the very next best thing to her having me by her side; the company shares my mom’s and my goals for improvement, their caregivers support the needed “fight” and give the needed love, …and make delicious meals (something which is up and beyond my area of expertise for sure!).

‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ is EXACTLY what we need, what we expect, and who we plan on partnering with for years to come. Life is not ever going to be the same for my mom. But there will be joy and there will be new found happiness. We are thrilled she is able to be at home with ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’.”
– Brett Scranton. – Aurora, Colorado


“We were so pleased with the service given by ‘DignityFirst Health at Home’ employees and all the personal extras that you and your staff provided to Dad.”
– Kay Saudy – Littleton, Colorado


“We contacted Toni on a recommendation from a family friend, and we were NOT disappointed. DignityFirst (formerly LivHOME) has been a life-saver for my family and my mother. My mother needed 24/7 care for a few months and Toni worked diligently to find the right people that would work with my mother’s personality. If my mother didn’t feel a connection with the caregiver, Toni introduced another. Toni had so much patience with my mother which led to the two outstanding caregivers that have been helping my mother ever since. They are very competent, proactive, compassionate and caring individuals. We feel very blessed that Toni has put these ladies into our mother’s life.   Toni and the staff at DignityFirst are very flexible, as soon as my mother felt like she no longer needed 24/7 care, Toni worked with my mother and her caregivers on a revised time schedule.  My siblings and I would highly recommend DignityFirst to anyone needing in-home care.”
– Jill Williams – Englewood, Colorado 


“Toni Maldonado and her team of expert caregivers at LivHOME (now DignityFirst) came to our rescue to give us 24/7 care when my Dad got very ill and could no longer take care of my Mom who had advanced dementia. I am so grateful and thankful and, always will be, for the reliability, professionalism, knowledge, undying support and compassion that we received during my Mother’s final year. LivHOME also provided care for my father during this time and after my Mom’s passing. I can’t imagine how my family could have made it through without their understanding, patience and devotion. Thank you all from our entire family for all your time, efforts and loving support during our time of crisis.”
– Rose Ann Jolly – Lafayette, Colorado 


“My caregiver is especially helpful and caring.”
– Margaret H. – Fort Lupton, Colorado 


“Toni and Stephanie are very caring and understanding.   The caregivers they have sent to my father have been phenomenal.”
– Melodie M. – Brighton, Colorado 


“We used DignityFirst (formerly LivHOME) for care for my Dad and would still be using them except for the fact that he’s now moving into a senior living community.  Toni Maldonado (the owner) and her husband Bobby are the best.  Bobby provides a level of care that is unbeatable and Toni truly cares about those she serves and is ALWAYS available at a moment’s notice.   She goes out of her way to employ caregivers who truly care about those they care for.  DignityFirst gives the best value for the money that I have seen as far as caregiving agencies go and will never go anywhere else if I need a caregiver again.”
– Peggy Romero – Commerce City, Colorado 


LivHOME (now DignityFirst) is wonderful! The staff is very responsive and always available. We are caring for our terminally ill, 86 year-old father and they have provided us with so much help during this difficult time. Their staff is excellent, knowledgeable, warm and caring.”
– Lisa Behbehani – Arvada, Colorado 


“The caregiver that LivHOME (now DignityFirst) arranged for me was very professional, on-time, and attentive.  The office staff was personable with checking in with me and seeing how I was doing.”
– Anita A. – Castle Rock, Colorado 


“I am 72 years old, pretty decrepit, and I live in the hills by myself, way back in the woods.  I literally don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for my caregiver, Stephanie.  She is willing to do anything around the house and she’s good at everything.  I look forward to seeing her every time she visits.”
– Al I. – Conifer, Colorado 

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“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, Toni, and your staff for the kind, compassionate care you exhibited to my dear friend … I was pleasantly surprised how affordable it was to get professional 24 hour a day personal care when compared to the nursing home …”
– A Satisfied Client – Parker, Colorado

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